VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

Denim and Goliath (21 of 54)

We’re kinda a big deal!
Weekly Directive:  BRAVE
I recall great tales of bravery told in Sunday school.
Daniel and the Lions Den – David and Goliath etc.
I pictured Daniel in the Lions Den wearing Levi’s…
Naw, where am I going to get Lions?  What about David and Goliath?
He killed a giant with one of those slingshot things…
 I pictured a billboard with a close-up shot of  David.
He was wearing Levi’s and holding his sling by his side.
Brandishing only a red tag and sling, David peered towards Goliath.
Weather wouldn’t permit me to shoot this, but I’ll describe my idea.
Using a large aperture, I would get a close-up with David’s back pocket and sling in the foreground,
and Goliath in the background with a soft focus effect.



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