VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

“Now that’s Progressive!” (27 of 54)

We’ll pick yo’ ass up!

Weekly Directive:  PROGRESSIVE

This week’s directive is Progressive, and I know I’m going to see Flo in Levi’s and numerous references to Progressive auto insurance. So thought I’d take it a step further than just the idea of an insurance policy to cover your Levi’s. I actually had Progressive motorcycle insurance when I had both of my accidents, and they compensated me for all my ridding gear except my jeans, which the paramedics had to cut-off of me. So what if Levi’s did have a “Pants Policy?” How would it work? If you split the crotch while bending over, would that require comprehensive coverage? Would stains and knee-hole coverage come standard like roadside assistance, when you have a blow-out or run out of gas? Would it cost more to cover children or those, who make cut-offs? How about if you got into a fight or let someone borrow your Levi’s, and they were responsible for trashing your “trousers?” Would you have to exchange insurance information? What would be the Kelly Blue Jeans Book value be for Levi’s jeans?


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