VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

Jean-etic Modification (30 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  PROGRESSIVE

I was having trouble coming up with my last post for Progressive.  I needed a progressive process that would be interesting when applied to Levi’s.  In Philosophy class, we were discussing genetic modification, cloning, and the stages of their advancement.  Genetic modification is certainly a progressive process which has improved over time.  Many of today’s plants and animals are the product of genetic modification i.e. cross-pollination and selective breeding. Levi’s jeans were also continuously modified throughout their lifespan, yet there is still a demand for “the original 501.”  Our MASC instructors suggested ways to help generate creative ideas like, going back in time, using unrelated concepts, and even placing our subject in an atypical situation. If we can use genetics to recreate mammoths or to produce bigger tomatoes and smaller dogs, why can’t we apply the same “techniques” to modify Levi’s for that perfect fit or to recreate “the original 501?”

What if archeologists unearthed an original pair of Levi’s 501’s, while excavating an abandoned gold mine?  Scientist from around the world armed with Jurassic Park-like equipment would race to extract the precious 501 DNA. I picture a microscopic image of the Levi’s red tag being extracted from the nucleus of a single cell.  I’m sure the first attempts at reanimation would probably produce pairs of deformed Levi’s. One leg would be shorter than the other, or maybe some would come out with three legs. I think they could be a new style –  Levi’s 501-M’s, the classic look and durability of the original 501’s with the comfort and style of today. Or maybe scientists accidentally create a progressive Levi’s virus, and the Levi’s cells start invading other cells under the microscope.

It could be called the Levi’rus!



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