VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

The Boston Jean Party (32 of 54)

The Boston Jean Party

Weekly Directive:  INDEPENDENT

The chain of events that led to the American Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence, between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen British Colonies in North America, was set into motion when the Parliament of Great Britain imposed taxes, such as the Stamp Act of 1765.  Ongoing wars had depleted the British Empire’s resources, and the British East India Company was struggling financially. They felt as though the flourishing Colonies should share the burden.  The Colonists claimed taxation without representation was unconstitutional.  Eventually, British Parliament agreed to lift all but the tax on Levi’s Jeans. Before the introduction of Spanish tobacco, Levi’s were the Colonies’ largest export.  Levi’s symbolized American Freedom and were the Colonies’ major source of income.  The Colonist saw the Levi’s Tax, as a slap in the face.  Patrick Henry would later respond, “Give me Levi’s or give me death!”  The American boycott on Britain’s taxation of Levi’s Jeans led to the Boston Jean Party in 1773.


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