VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

Globa-Levi’s Socia-Levi’s Responsib-Levi’s (40 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  RESPONSIBLE

Corporate social responsibility is the general term for the way a business views its relationship with the community and the world as a whole.  The Levi Strauss company has exhibited a commitment to society from the very beginning, outfitting California gold miners, railroad workers, ranchers and other blue-collar workers. Social responsibility has always been an essential part of their culture and a key factor in their success.  Levi’s continues to contribute to communities in which it’s factories are located as well as the communities of their international locations. The Levi Strauss Foundation was established to address issues like pollution, employment, poverty, hunger, literacy, violence, and the environment. Levi’s is also well-known as a leading advocate for diversity. As early as the 1930s, they promoted racially integrated workplaces, and established environmental standards.  In 1991, Levi’s became the first multinational apparel company to adopt Global Sourcing & Operating Guidelines. I’m not even sure what that means, but you get the picture.  Long before Levi’s became the most popular item of the American wardrobe,  they incorporated social responsibility into their business strategy.


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