VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

Rebel With a Cause (44 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  REBEL

This is a slide show of my dads biker buddy, Ricky all decked-out in his Levi’s gear and a sound clip of him talking about his favorite Levi’s denim jacket that he had at home and about how he misses the old school Levi’s that were stiff as a board. Sorry for the sound quality. The band was warming-up and my phone isn’t the best recorder. This is my first time ever making a “video” or posting something on YouTube.  My camera was set to take large photos and aren’t the best quality when compressed this small, but I guess that’s how you learn. I was surprised at how easy Windows Live Moviemaker was to use, and disappointed at how crappy Adobe Premier Elements 9 was. Anyway, I thought Ricky was a great example of a Levi’s wearing rebel without a cause.


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