VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project

If only I’d been wearing Levi’s… (45 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  REBEL

Friday we were getting ready to cookout, and we needed to make a run to the ABC store.  I had a shot of Bourbon earlier, but didn’t feel as though my driving was in any way  impaired.  All week I’d been trying to come up with another Levi’s post about “rebellious,” and I must have still been in character. So, I decided to drive to the ABC store. When we pulled-up, there’s was what appeared to be a “lady” in a SNAAB backing out of the parking space next to the only other spot, which happened to be handicapped.  I did what any civilized human being with a handicapped placard would have done, and waited for her to finish backing out so that I could park.  However, she insisted that I go first even though she was already halfway out of her parking space and blocking the only way through the parking lot.  I pointed indicating that I was trying to get into the handicapped spot next to her, but she persisted giving me a menacing glare.  I assumed she wanted me to pull into my spot first so that she could maneuver her sophisticated sports sedan past my enormous Jeep Wrangler.  I certainly wasn’t going to back all the way down the alley way for her non-driving you know what.  When I whipped into the space next to her, she yelled something out of her window.  I informed her that she would benefit from diving lessons as we proceeded into the ABC store.  I felt bad for losing my cool and had no idea my actions would later lead to a run in with the law.

As we are walking out of the ABC store, a woman police officer stopped us and asked, “Is that your Jeep?”  My friends and I busted out laughing as the cop explained how the woman, who instigated the whole incident, had flagged her down.  She asked if I had been drinking, and I replied, “No, but we are trying to.” I explained what really happened and she let us go. The best part was when the officer said, “Nice Jeep!” as we were walking away.  I thought to myself, how perfect that situation would have been if I had been wearing Levi’s and she said, “Nice Jeans!”

I’m such a rebel!

The next morning my tires were slashed… Go figure!


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