VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project


Denim and Goliath (21 of 54)

We’re kinda a big deal!
Weekly Directive:  BRAVE
I recall great tales of bravery told in Sunday school.
Daniel and the Lions Den – David and Goliath etc.
I pictured Daniel in the Lions Den wearing Levi’s…
Naw, where am I going to get Lions?  What about David and Goliath?
He killed a giant with one of those slingshot things…
 I pictured a billboard with a close-up shot of  David.
He was wearing Levi’s and holding his sling by his side.
Brandishing only a red tag and sling, David peered towards Goliath.
Weather wouldn’t permit me to shoot this, but I’ll describe my idea.
Using a large aperture, I would get a close-up with David’s back pocket and sling in the foreground,
and Goliath in the background with a soft focus effect.



True Blue (20 of 54)

Freedom comes at a great price, so do Levi’s…

Weekly Directive:  BRAVE

The proudest moment of my life was when I earned the title, “United States Marine.”  Many of us had to fight the tears swelling inside as we stood before the Iwo Jima monument.  At that moment, it was apparent we had become part of something more –  I dedicate this to the brave men and women, who so proudly serve and protect our freedom!

Cowboys and Indians (19 of 54)

Weekly Directive: BRAVE

A Native American Brave is the strongest personal image that symbolizes the word brave to me.  Native Americans continue to struggle against complete annihilation even today.  Nothing represents bravery like the heart and soul of Native Americans.

Levi’s & cowboys are so cliché.   Levi’s should consider cowboys & Indians.

Levi’s Merit Badge (18 of 54)

If there was a Merit Badge for Bravery...

Weekly Directive:  BRAVE

This week’s directive is brave, and I associate bravery with commendation. Military members typically earn medals, ribbons or other badges of honor.  Police officers and civilians receive awards for certain acts of bravery. Animals are even rewarded for bravery.  Levi’s could run an ad campaign featuring their logo as a badge for service members or other iconic figure.  I guess the campaign would have to start at an early stage of our icon’s life.  I would kick it off with a boy scout ad.