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Independent “Taste” Test (34 of 54)

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Weekly Directive:  INDEPENDENT

Who’s wearing Levi’s?

If you can’t tell, why should we?

Take the “taste” test to see if you have great taste!

You often see fun little ads littered throughout fashion magazines.  Some are comical while others are surveys like, “10 questions to tell if he’s interested.”  Well why not place a small independent survey/contest to see if readers can tell which celebrity is wearing Levi’s.  I’m going to need everyone’s help for this post.  If you think you’ve got the answer, cast your vote in the form of a comment below! I’ll announce the $50.00 winner once I have a correct entry.

UPDATE 11-30-11 One month later…

So, that went just as I had expected. I failed to get a single vote or even a comment. To think I was willing to give away a $50 the first person to even guess, since they are all wearing Levi’s Jeans!


1989 Levi’s 501’s – $600 OBO (33 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  INDEPENDENT


This week’s directive is independent.  Your first car is the biggest step towards gaining independence. What if your first pair of Levi’s were tantamount to your first car?  What if we had to cut grass all summer, rake leaves through fall, shovel snow during winter and help with spring cleaning around the house just to save enough to buy our first pair of Levi’s?  Sure, some parents would ensure their kids had the latest Levi’s out, but what about those of us less fortunate?  It would be interesting to imagine what our first cars would look like if transformed into a pair of Levi’s jeans . If your car had a leak, you’d have a hole in your pocket.  Rusted-out holes in metal change to worn-out holes in denim, while Bondo patches become fabric patches.  You get the picture. What would your first car be if it were a pair of Levi’s?

The Boston Jean Party (32 of 54)

The Boston Jean Party

Weekly Directive:  INDEPENDENT

The chain of events that led to the American Revolutionary War or the American War of Independence, between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen British Colonies in North America, was set into motion when the Parliament of Great Britain imposed taxes, such as the Stamp Act of 1765.  Ongoing wars had depleted the British Empire’s resources, and the British East India Company was struggling financially. They felt as though the flourishing Colonies should share the burden.  The Colonists claimed taxation without representation was unconstitutional.  Eventually, British Parliament agreed to lift all but the tax on Levi’s Jeans. Before the introduction of Spanish tobacco, Levi’s were the Colonies’ largest export.  Levi’s symbolized American Freedom and were the Colonies’ major source of income.  The Colonist saw the Levi’s Tax, as a slap in the face.  Patrick Henry would later respond, “Give me Levi’s or give me death!”  The American boycott on Britain’s taxation of Levi’s Jeans led to the Boston Jean Party in 1773.

How are Levi’s Independent? (31 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  INDEPENDENT


This week in class, we shared our individual creative thought processes.  Some of my classmates went to parks or bars, while some preferred to be alone or within a group when generating creative ideas.  It was interesting to see the different variations. I would’ve thought “creatives” were either type A or type B personalities. Some of my classmates choose to “generate” in public for the distraction, yet for others to help them clear their minds. There was even talk of cigarettes giving you a creative edge.

Distractions… Where was I? Oh yeah, Levi’s! Alright, so my point was to give you some background on the creative thought process and how it relates to this post.  I usually approach each new directive assignment by looking up the definition.  I have other rituals, but they are closely guarded trade secrets and not really relevant.  Anyways, back to Levi’s and independent.

There are 12 definitions for independent when used as an adjective. When I glanced at the first few, I thought, these are adjectives that could potentially be used to describe Levi’s.  I didn’t get past the third definition, and really don’t even remember those. I thought it would be a fun creative thinking assignment to go challenge myself to go through these and relate them to Levi’s. YOU can try at home!

<Insert your ritual here>

adjective /ˌindəˈpendənt/

  1. Free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority
    • – Levi’s is one of the oldest apparel manufacturing companies founded in the United States, and is still family owned and operated.
  2.  Self-governing
    • – Levi’s, family owned and operated since 1873.
  3. Not belonging to or supported by a political party
    • – Levi’s emphasizes on partnerships with nongovernmental organizations and
  4. Not supported by public funds
    • – Levi’s Strauss Foundation has been committed to giving back to the community since 1952.
  5. Not influenced or affected by others; impartial
    • – Levi’s supports promoting diversity regardless of whether it is controversial or not.
  6. Congregational
    • -Groups of Levi’s wearers called hipsters exists
  7. Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence
    • -For over 138 years, people have depended on Levi’s.
  8. Capable of thinking or acting for oneself
    • -Levi’s continues to be the forerunner in the denim industry.
  9. Making it unnecessary to earn one’s living
    • – Levi’s has been around for over 100 years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere no matter what the economic situation.
  10. Not connected with another or with each other; separate
    • – Levi’s has independent labels such as Dockers..
  11. Not depending on something else for strength or effectiveness; freestanding
    • – By 1977, Levi Strauss & Co. is the world’s largest jean manufacturer.
  12. Incapable of being expressed in terms of, or derived or deduced from, the others
    • – Levi’s have often been replicated, but never duplicated.

It seems some of these were almost the same… go figure. It was still fun to run through them, and it gave me a few ideas.  I might go back and edit, even though you aren’t supposed to make corrections to your creative writing exercise.  Then again, we don’t typically publish your generation process.