VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project


Levi’s Mantasy # 13 Police Woman (47 of 54)

Weekly Directive: SEDUCTIVE

What would be more seductive than a Levi’s ad campaign incorporating the most  popular men fantasies and Levi’s jeans?  I think this idea would work best as a billboard campaign.  Each ad would only be a single image depicting fantastical women wearing Levi’s.  We’ll call my idea, Levi’s Mantasies.

Warning: No manatees were harmed during the production of this blog.

School Girl – in a school uniform and Levi’s

Asian Twins –  with pigtails and little-kid backpacks wearing Levi’s

Police Woman –  in police uniform with a handcuffs and night stick wearing Levi’s bottoms

Playboy Bunny –  wearing a lacy lingerie top, bunny ears and a rabbit’s tail wearing Levi’s

French Maid –  in a black and white French maid’s dress wearing Levi’s

Hot Nurse – in a short white nurses dress wearing Levi’s

This ad campaign would probably resonate throughout the male population. Levi’s could run a number of ads under each theme.  I will attempt to pull one of these off by the end of  this week. So if any of you ladies have one of the costumes listed above and you would like to volunteer, please leave a comment to let me know. So far this week, I haven’t been able to get any strangers to pose for me. I guess “seductive”  is a creepy subject when dealing with strangers.

UPDATE: My : My lovely girlfriend reluctantly volunteered to pose for Police Woman. I literally had to drag her out of bed for this shoot. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and didn’t even brush her hair. Not to mention our hallway is extremely narrow, and the lighting was less than desirable, however she pulled this off flawlessly! I’m just saying… thanks Sarah!


Levi’s Denimatrix (50 of 54)

Levi’s Simply Seductive

Weekly Directive: SEDUCTIVE

No one can deny that a dominatix is simply seductive. Dominatrix is the feminine form of the Latin dominator, a ruler or lord, and was originally used in a non-sexual sense. I decided to make a dominatrix outfit out of Levi’s denim instead of patent leather or latex.









AL-LURE (49 of 54)

Allure – is the power to attract or entice.

Weekly Directive: SEDUCTIVE

I didn’t have time to stop for bait on my way to Urbanna for my brothers wedding, so I made this fishing lure out of a red Levi’s tag I had in my camera bag. I can’t wait to “tackle” this one!  To be continued…
It worked!!!
I have to admit, I’m was actually surprised this worked as well as it did!

Dulce de Levi’s (48 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  SEDUCTIVE

Ask anyone to think of seducing someone or about something that would  symbolize seduction, and chocolate covered strawberries will surely come to mind.  The color red alone is somewhat seductive, and the same can be said about melted chocolate.  I wanted to incorporate the red Levi’s tag into a decadent dessert dish, since chocolate covered pants would probably create quite a mess.  I tried to recreate a strawberry dipped in chocolate and a dessert dish using the red tag, back pocket and brown patch from a pair of Levi’s, but I didn’t have any toppings like whipped cream or sprinkles and the brownie mix didn’t have the same consistency as melted milk chocolate. So tonight I’m going to try again.  I’ll stop by Kroger on my way home for dessert supplies.  I’m still leaning towards creating a Levi’s desert dish, but after establishing a connection between seduction, desserts and Levi’s, I may brainstorm around related topics like Betty Crocker and Devil’s Food Cake.  Either way, I’ll be enjoying desert tonight!


The Grass is Always Greener (46 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  SEDUCTIVE

I think a “seductive” Levi’s commercial could appeal to all men single, married, old  and young.  I think a live adult show commercial that was both funny and seductive  would relate to multiple segments even those of us, who would never dare partake in that sort of behavior.  Still, Levi’s should shoot a  TV commercial where a “married man” wearing his wedding ring, a suit and tie pulls up in a luxury sedan with a child seat in the back seat and enters an adult book store.  We assume he probably has a nice  job and a loving family.  He’s a responsible father and dedicated husband. Let’s just say he’s sacrificed many of the things he used to enjoy.  Anyway, He sneaks past the multiple genre and fetish sections of adult themed movies and into the back of the shop.  Proceeding down a corridor labeled “Live Shows,” he enters a booth and  deposits change into a coin slot. We again see his wedding band.  The curtain raises revealing a “common man” working in a field wearing a  pair of grass-stained Levi’s on the other side of the glass divider.  He is obviously exhausted from a hard days work in the field as he raises wipes the sweat from his brow and digs into a cooler to fetch an ice-cold beer.  A buzzer sounds as the young man lunges forward trying to take in every second of Levi’s before the curtain falls.  He frantically searches the depths of his pockets turning them inside out only to discover a ball of  lint and a hole.  He sadly exits the peep show booth and is surprised by the line of his fellow “married men” waiting outside the corridor. He shamefully hangs his head as he passes.  They could flash to another live show of two men fishing on a john boat wearing Levi’s.  One of them has a bite and the curtain falls.  In the room next door, there is a guy working on a classic muscle car, who wipes his greasy hands on his Levi’s as he hops into the driver’s seat and begins to crank the engine right as the curtain falls.

“The grass is always greener on the other side!”

You could target nearly any segment of the male population with this type of technique.

For example; “Computer Guy” or “Old Guy”

Hopefully a picture to come…