VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project


Dulce de Levi’s (48 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  SEDUCTIVE

Ask anyone to think of seducing someone or about something that would  symbolize seduction, and chocolate covered strawberries will surely come to mind.  The color red alone is somewhat seductive, and the same can be said about melted chocolate.  I wanted to incorporate the red Levi’s tag into a decadent dessert dish, since chocolate covered pants would probably create quite a mess.  I tried to recreate a strawberry dipped in chocolate and a dessert dish using the red tag, back pocket and brown patch from a pair of Levi’s, but I didn’t have any toppings like whipped cream or sprinkles and the brownie mix didn’t have the same consistency as melted milk chocolate. So tonight I’m going to try again.  I’ll stop by Kroger on my way home for dessert supplies.  I’m still leaning towards creating a Levi’s desert dish, but after establishing a connection between seduction, desserts and Levi’s, I may brainstorm around related topics like Betty Crocker and Devil’s Food Cake.  Either way, I’ll be enjoying desert tonight!



Chivalry vs. Impracticality (24 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  QUIXOTIC

I started brain storming about scenarios that take a simple act of chivalry past the point of practicality. I came up with quite a few, but here are two off the top of my head.

Commercial Video/(Print Ad) Idea > Lobster Dinner

ACT 1    A man and woman are dinning in a posh restaurant… maybe he’s wearing a bib with a lobster on it and Levi’s of course. He’s obviously trying very hard to impress his lady friend. The waiter approaches with a lobster on a platter. (Low light setting with candle light. Emphasis on Couple at dinner table and his Levi’s, with secondary focus on waiter in background)

ACT 2    The man snaps into “Don Quixote mode” leaping onto the gigantic crustacean and engaging in battle. This scene could resemble a classic monster movie. She could be tied-up as an offering to the Giant Lobster, like in King Kong.  (Action sequence with emphasis depending on scenario, use fast shutter speed to freeze action. Lighting should be from fire or torches to match candlelight in Act 1.)

ACT 3    After an intense battle, the hero saves the day and reunites with his fair lady.  (This could continue in the restaurant or in the classic monster movie setting.  Emphasis on Levi’s jeans and resolution/success)

Commercial Video/(Print Ad) Idea > Mud Puddle

ACT 1     A nicely dressed couple walking the city streets at night during a rainstorm. The city is filled with lights sound, and the rain is pouring down soaking them both. (Night scene with emphasis on rain,reflections, couple and neon lights. Preferably a “worm’s eye view.)

ACT 2     They approach a puddle, the gentleman rips-off his Levi’s and throws them over the puddle. Her long leg and elegant red heels step on his Levi’s avoiding the puddle, but clashing in comparison with his pale-hairy leg sporting dress socks. (Close up with emphasis on Levi’s red tag and logo, legs and puddle. Also a “worm’s eye view.)

ACT 3    The woman, moved by his gesture, wildly and almost uncontrollably embraces the gentleman as they begin passionate kissing, and the rain continues to pour. (Close up of gentleman’s legs with socks and boxers and woman’s legs with one leg up as though “kissing.” Worm’s eye view.)