VCU MASC 201 Creative Levi's Project


Dulce de Levi’s (48 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  SEDUCTIVE

Ask anyone to think of seducing someone or about something that would  symbolize seduction, and chocolate covered strawberries will surely come to mind.  The color red alone is somewhat seductive, and the same can be said about melted chocolate.  I wanted to incorporate the red Levi’s tag into a decadent dessert dish, since chocolate covered pants would probably create quite a mess.  I tried to recreate a strawberry dipped in chocolate and a dessert dish using the red tag, back pocket and brown patch from a pair of Levi’s, but I didn’t have any toppings like whipped cream or sprinkles and the brownie mix didn’t have the same consistency as melted milk chocolate. So tonight I’m going to try again.  I’ll stop by Kroger on my way home for dessert supplies.  I’m still leaning towards creating a Levi’s desert dish, but after establishing a connection between seduction, desserts and Levi’s, I may brainstorm around related topics like Betty Crocker and Devil’s Food Cake.  Either way, I’ll be enjoying desert tonight!



Levi’s Cut-Offs (12 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  TOUGH

I wanted to come-up with a new and creative way to illustrate the toughness of Levi’s denim.

I began by thinking of things that were “tough”.

Leather,  Steel… How could I craft steel jeans?… How would you then craft your steel jeans?…

I pictured a “chop-saw” slicing through a pair of jeans with sparks shooting into the dark.

Unfortunately the weather prevented me from getting the shot, but I’m going to try tonight.

The Grass is Always Greener (46 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  SEDUCTIVE

I think a “seductive” Levi’s commercial could appeal to all men single, married, old  and young.  I think a live adult show commercial that was both funny and seductive  would relate to multiple segments even those of us, who would never dare partake in that sort of behavior.  Still, Levi’s should shoot a  TV commercial where a “married man” wearing his wedding ring, a suit and tie pulls up in a luxury sedan with a child seat in the back seat and enters an adult book store.  We assume he probably has a nice  job and a loving family.  He’s a responsible father and dedicated husband. Let’s just say he’s sacrificed many of the things he used to enjoy.  Anyway, He sneaks past the multiple genre and fetish sections of adult themed movies and into the back of the shop.  Proceeding down a corridor labeled “Live Shows,” he enters a booth and  deposits change into a coin slot. We again see his wedding band.  The curtain raises revealing a “common man” working in a field wearing a  pair of grass-stained Levi’s on the other side of the glass divider.  He is obviously exhausted from a hard days work in the field as he raises wipes the sweat from his brow and digs into a cooler to fetch an ice-cold beer.  A buzzer sounds as the young man lunges forward trying to take in every second of Levi’s before the curtain falls.  He frantically searches the depths of his pockets turning them inside out only to discover a ball of  lint and a hole.  He sadly exits the peep show booth and is surprised by the line of his fellow “married men” waiting outside the corridor. He shamefully hangs his head as he passes.  They could flash to another live show of two men fishing on a john boat wearing Levi’s.  One of them has a bite and the curtain falls.  In the room next door, there is a guy working on a classic muscle car, who wipes his greasy hands on his Levi’s as he hops into the driver’s seat and begins to crank the engine right as the curtain falls.

“The grass is always greener on the other side!”

You could target nearly any segment of the male population with this type of technique.

For example; “Computer Guy” or “Old Guy”

Hopefully a picture to come…

If only I’d been wearing Levi’s… (45 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  REBEL

Friday we were getting ready to cookout, and we needed to make a run to the ABC store.  I had a shot of Bourbon earlier, but didn’t feel as though my driving was in any way  impaired.  All week I’d been trying to come up with another Levi’s post about “rebellious,” and I must have still been in character. So, I decided to drive to the ABC store. When we pulled-up, there’s was what appeared to be a “lady” in a SNAAB backing out of the parking space next to the only other spot, which happened to be handicapped.  I did what any civilized human being with a handicapped placard would have done, and waited for her to finish backing out so that I could park.  However, she insisted that I go first even though she was already halfway out of her parking space and blocking the only way through the parking lot.  I pointed indicating that I was trying to get into the handicapped spot next to her, but she persisted giving me a menacing glare.  I assumed she wanted me to pull into my spot first so that she could maneuver her sophisticated sports sedan past my enormous Jeep Wrangler.  I certainly wasn’t going to back all the way down the alley way for her non-driving you know what.  When I whipped into the space next to her, she yelled something out of her window.  I informed her that she would benefit from diving lessons as we proceeded into the ABC store.  I felt bad for losing my cool and had no idea my actions would later lead to a run in with the law.

As we are walking out of the ABC store, a woman police officer stopped us and asked, “Is that your Jeep?”  My friends and I busted out laughing as the cop explained how the woman, who instigated the whole incident, had flagged her down.  She asked if I had been drinking, and I replied, “No, but we are trying to.” I explained what really happened and she let us go. The best part was when the officer said, “Nice Jeep!” as we were walking away.  I thought to myself, how perfect that situation would have been if I had been wearing Levi’s and she said, “Nice Jeans!”

I’m such a rebel!

The next morning my tires were slashed… Go figure!

Rebel With a Cause (44 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  REBEL

This is a slide show of my dads biker buddy, Ricky all decked-out in his Levi’s gear and a sound clip of him talking about his favorite Levi’s denim jacket that he had at home and about how he misses the old school Levi’s that were stiff as a board. Sorry for the sound quality. The band was warming-up and my phone isn’t the best recorder. This is my first time ever making a “video” or posting something on YouTube.  My camera was set to take large photos and aren’t the best quality when compressed this small, but I guess that’s how you learn. I was surprised at how easy Windows Live Moviemaker was to use, and disappointed at how crappy Adobe Premier Elements 9 was. Anyway, I thought Ricky was a great example of a Levi’s wearing rebel without a cause.

“Cut from the Same Cloth,” Responsibility Analogy/Arguement (42 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  RESPONSIBLE

The directive for this week is responsible, and I couldn’t help but notice a large number of my classmates referenced condoms and Levi’s. Sure, using condoms is “responsible”, but they actually enable us to take less responsibility for your actions.  I believe parents serve as a better example of responsibility. Parents are responsible for the past present and future. Without them, there would be no us. The same is true for Levi’s and blue jeans.  They are responsible for the past present and future. Without Levi’s, there would be no jeans.

Take Levi Strauss, for instance.  What if he had made different choices? Do you think blue jeans would be the same or even exist? This is a serous question.  Levi’s Strauss is the father of blue jeans.  He determined how jeans look, their style, even the very fabric they are made of. Without Levi’s, there would be no blue jeans. Note how perfect his original design turned out. Future generations are “cut from the same cloth.”

Take grandpa Johnny, for instance.  What if he had made different choices?  Do you think grandpa Blue, would be the same or even exist?  This is a serious question. Grandpa Johnny is the father of grandpa Blue.  He determined how grandpa looks, his style, even the very fabric he is made of. Without Johnny, there would be no grandpa Blue. Note how perfect his original design turned out. Future generation are “cut from the same cloth.”

Sorry, I’ve had so much Philosophy reading to do, and I think it spilled over into my Advertising blog. I had fun free writing without knowing where I was going.  So that I feel as though I’ve accomplished something, I will give the simple form of my argument below.

If there were no Levi’s, then there would be no Jeans

There are Levi’s

Therefore there are Jeans

Levi’s Presents Hottest Abe Lincoln (41 of 54)


Weekly Directive:  RESPONSIBLE

When I think of responsibility, I picture the past leaders of our nation.  Abraham Lincoln stands out in my mind. He fought and died to abolish slavery, which was responsible for his death. I guess it’s true that responsibility just leads to more responsibility.  What if instead of his signature stove-top hat, Lincoln wore Signature Levi’s? I remember playing with Lincoln Logs in elementary school and making Abraham Lincoln crafts out of construction paper.  Instead of a black stove-top hat and a beard, he’d be remembered for his Levi’s jeans and would thus have a more clean-cut look about him.  Honest Abe would’ve been hottest Abe and wouldn’t have wasted time chopping down the cherry tree like Washington. Hottest Abe would’ve torched that sucker! Like James Dean, in “Rebel Without a Cause,” he would have set off a slave rebellion, and definitely wouldn’t have gotten “popped” by John Wilkes Booth that infamous night at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. Hottest Abe would’ve been packing heat, or been somewhere cooler than a play house.  He’d would’ve gone out like  a rock star and  been remembered as the hottest forefather of our nation.