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Review/Preview of Levi’s Project 54 (54 of 54)

I wanted my last post to quickly review MASC 201 and Project 54 for anyone wondering what motivated or inspired this blog.  Each week our instructors assigned a directive like “tough” or “thankful” which we then had to align with Levi’s jeans the brand.  Project 54 pushes advertising students to produce multiple creative ideas through different forms of media with deadlines.  Even though MASC 201 is a creative advertising class, we were not required to make our posts Levi’s ads.  The main purpose was to exercise our creative abilities by forcing us to create new and different ideas about different topics but the same brand, Levi’s.  Each week we had to create about 4 or 5 posts on the directive and Levi’s jeans.  We had to spend at least 45 minutes thinking and creating each post, and our ideas had to be original – different than our classmates.  There’s a link to the site where you can see the work of my classmates located in the top right hand corner of my home page.  I encourage you to check out their work, and have included a collage composed of images from my favorite posts. I hope you enjoy Project 54 as much as I did.


Rebel With a Cause (44 of 54)

Weekly Directive:  REBEL

This is a slide show of my dads biker buddy, Ricky all decked-out in his Levi’s gear and a sound clip of him talking about his favorite Levi’s denim jacket that he had at home and about how he misses the old school Levi’s that were stiff as a board. Sorry for the sound quality. The band was warming-up and my phone isn’t the best recorder. This is my first time ever making a “video” or posting something on YouTube.  My camera was set to take large photos and aren’t the best quality when compressed this small, but I guess that’s how you learn. I was surprised at how easy Windows Live Moviemaker was to use, and disappointed at how crappy Adobe Premier Elements 9 was. Anyway, I thought Ricky was a great example of a Levi’s wearing rebel without a cause.