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Keep Your Pants On! (26 of 54)

The Great Hou-Jeani!

Weekly Directive:  Quixotic

Quixotic – impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.

Strait jackets were invented in 1790 by an upholsterer named Guilleret at Bicêtre, for an asylum for the chronically mentally ill near Paris. They were often made of canvas or duck cloth due to the strength of the material.
Levi’s are crafted in a similar manner, and also have ties to upholsterers and Paris.
Their only differences being their purpose and the use of rivets.
(Well maybe not the only differences)
What if Levi Strauss had decided to follow Bicêtre’s footsteps?
Who would be their spokesperson?

Levi’s Strait-Jeans “5150 fit”

*Click on 5150 for an explanation